intuitive finances 101

There’s no bullshit here. There’s no fancy jargon meant to belittle and confuse you. This is written in words you can understand and a committed format that puts you at ease when it comes to organizing your finances. This is mindset work meets practical budgeting and money planning. 

monthly 1:1 sessions

This is the most flexible and affordable way to work 1:1 with me. These monthly sessions are all about creating balance with your money in a way that is tailored to you as the unique individual you are. This includes the money planning tools you need to get organized as well as 1:1 time to dive into the deeper layers.


This is for my humans ready to deep dive into their money situation. In three months of 1:1 coaching, I show you how your finances can be used as a tool to empower every component of your life. Money was put on this earth with the sole purpose of supporting you, it's time you start feeling that in your soul. This work is deep level and based around your personal money planning, beliefs, and mindset.

Looking for something more personalized?