It's time to get soulful & intentional with the way you feel about your money

Money is a resource that provides us opportunity and freedom. The only reason money is such a charged topic out in the world is because we made it that way. I'm here to change that. I'm here to show you how amazing it is to own your money situation, not stress come payday, and ultimately how empowering it is to spend from a place of gratitude, love, and intention. 

You'll get your basic budgeting skills and tips here, but this work is so much bigger than that. This work that I do is meant for the woman who knows she is meant for more than the money struggle and is ready to shift her perspective of money into one that supports and propels her into living her best life.

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Meet Samantha Durkee, Financial Empowerment Coach who specializes in Intuitive Finances. With over 4 years of experience in her field, she thrives off of inspiring women to spend and live with intention. Combing practical budgeting with spiritual practice, Samantha is one of a kind in her field. She found her soul's purpose in 2017 when she re-discovered her love of writing and teaching. You'll find her connecting with nature, sweating on her mat, and living her life with complete love and joy. Read more about Samantha and her work here.